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Take ownership of a small shop as you haggle, barter and craft your way through a comical single player campaign or team up with friends to supply the whole town.


Skilfully negotiate your way into heady profits. Unethical side note, ye olde businessmen may be willing to pay through the nose. Do with that information what you will.


Do you have the skill and craftsmanship to make beautiful artisanal items? Neither does Merek but putting a few items on a crafting table and hitting them with a hammer seem to turn up decent results.


Ace the level for a gold medal then keep competing for your place in the world. For those who like it a little more local, you can see how you size up against your friends too.

Meet The Team


Our (hardly) heroic shopkeeper. He’s a decent, quick-witted friendly face to his regular customers.

His skills as a shopkeeper are somewhat lacking but he’s willing to learn.


Intrepid explorer and childhood friend of Merek. 

After fighting, climbing, sailing, and who knows what else, she brings back recipes and blueprints to help Merek create what his customers might need.


A man of many ideas, and few of them good.

As one of Merek’s regulars he often tries to lend a hand with…mixed results.

Couch Potatoes Unite!

With up to 4 player local co-op, just imagine the possibilities…

  • Are you under 10? You can play with your parents who will most definitely quickly grasp the controls and be useful team mates.
  • Has lockdown taken its toll? Save the marriage with some quality time together.
  • Do you struggle with the most basic of video games? Look like you’re doing something useful while your 3 friends carry you.


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