Merek’s Market – Haggle, Craft, Cooperate

What is it? In Merek’s Market you build your shop, craft crazy contraptions and strike dark age deals.

Don’t believe me? Well, watch this completely impartial (not impartial, we made it) video and see if that changes your mind.


Questionable customers come with the territory when running a shop in the dark ages. When serving these folk, the trick is to pick up on visual clues and leading dialogue to tactically adjust your prices. High profits = high scores.


Place an iron bar and staff on an anvil and repeatedly hit with a hammer to produce a spear. Easy, right? I’m not sure why blacksmiths were regarded so highly. Well, try making 2 spears, a shield and a sword within 60 seconds with a shop full of increasingly fed up customers. Hope you’re up for a challenge!


Want a full co-op campaign to play with your mates? Merek’s Market has you covered. Create and work together as a team or argue, fall apart and just keep hitting items out of your friends hands. Your choice.

If you can set aside your difficulties for long enough to score highly then test yourselves a little further with online leaderboards


It takes all sorts. And this is definitely the case in a medieval market. From this self-styled comedian.

To an intrepid adventurer.

To the occasional well to do gent.

Throw open your doors and let them in.

Merek’s Market. Setting up shop on Stadia, PlayStation and Xbox 2021!