Tranquil Builds Demo – The Stats

Now that the Tranquil Builds demo has been live for a couple of weeks let’s dish the dirt with some statistics.

185 buildings have been constructed with the farm taking the lions share of these. I assume that’s because the farm is the first level displayed in the main menu.

9,625 pieces have been placed. With my back of a napkin calculations, at 5 seconds a piece that’s 48,125 seconds or more than 13 hours played. Quite a tidy number on a short demo.

10 player languages. 85% of the players were English. Followed by a simplified Chinese, French and Italian. The demo launched only in English and since then the store page and demo have been translated to 5 additional languages. The 85% may drop over the next few weeks.

1 new environment added. We’ve been working hard on adding content, features and tweaks to the demo. There’s still more in the works.

The demo isn’t going anywhere yet. There’s still time to try lose yourself to some chill building.

Enjoy and relax,


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